2019 : Un temps pour tout, du temps pour soi !

Every year, it's the same thing, we take a quick look at the last twelve months and end up saying to ourselves that we will have to do better over the next twelve months. What if for once, we made no other good resolution than to enjoy a little for ourselves instead of thinking about others?

We could judge it as being laziness, or even a form of renunciation, for our part, we prefer to describe it as positive selfishness. The ending being fashionable in recent years, why not use it wisely? Of course, we can't put everything off until later. Of course, life doesn't wait, and neither does our employer! But what if we learned to differentiate between the time we give to what is necessary and what we need to be able to then give the best of us? Work to live or live to work, don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today... Our beautiful French language is teeming with expressions, each more beautiful and contradictory than the next. So let's invent a new one. One that we will observe and respect like a mantra, a call to order when our brain becomes busier than a highway rest area on an August 15 weekend: “A time for everything and time for me” . Because no, if we don't take the bull by the horns, no one will do it for us!

No need to take a sabbatical to find ourselves or go to a seminar in a monastery to clear our minds, because let's be realistic, we wouldn't last more than a week before realizing that going around on our own can quickly become boring. . No, let's just think about little things that can allow us to unwind while waiting for a possible vacation, and especially about these same little things that will help us forget, even if only for an hour a day, the chaos of our minds battered by the perpetual pollution that surrounds us. Time for yourself means drawing a bath and hanging out in it until the water cools (yes, you can do it without jumping on your smartphone, which will be in airplane mode while we soak). Time for oneself means going alone, walking as we wish, equipped with a big scarf or an umbrella, and breathing, looking at what surrounds us without having to bring everything back to us and our little or big worries. It's also giving yourself flowers, lighting a candle, watching that film that you love so much but that you never have the time to watch again, sitting comfortably on the sofa. It's preparing a hot chocolate and starting reading the latest Goncourt or the new Chattam (well any work that allows us to focus on something other than the very real dramas of others). Listening to this album which reminds us of happy moments, taking a nap wrapped up in a blanket as soft as one of those pretty dreams finally interrupted by the alarm ringing the rest of the time. Browse a decoration magazine and redo your interior, and why not the world, because yes, dreaming is always free...

It's the beginning of January, the sunny days are still far away. Like last year, we can charge headlong and endure things, or simply decide to give ourselves an hour a day. We let calls end in absence, we pick up to the point of no longer recognizing these insistent voices calling us, we close our eyes, we escape, we let off steam, we laugh, we dream, we forget. For an hour, yes, but just for yourself… Happy New Year!

Written by Saints Esprits