Soleil d'Hiver, parfum de lumière

Winter Sun (Opoponax and Ambergris)

Our ephemeral winter fragrance is finally here! A luminous fragrance with sweet oriental and amber notes for an exhilaratingly warm winter…

Holy Spirits - Winter Sun (perfume of light)

"A ray of light emerges from between the peaks and warms our bodies. An invitation to brave the cold for a walk guided by a sun so precious to our hearts. When evening comes, it still radiates within us, like a journey of the senses, an elsewhere where we savor every moment while waiting for the return of the beautiful season." 

Available in 180g golden caravelle , 100ml spray , as well as in 600g gold and black limited edition , Soleil d'Hiver will set on March 20 to give way to the Beaux Jours...

Written by Saints Esprits
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